If you plan to leave a significant amount of money for charitable purposes in your will, Niall can undertake a bespoke piece of research to help you make better decisions. An initial consultation with you, or your solicitor / adviser on your behalf, will help identify your areas of interest and explore generally your preferences for your charitable giving in your will. Following on from the consultation(s), a report will be prepared. The outcomes / recommendations will help you to:

  • Make the greatest impact in the future, generating real value for money
  • Determine whether you provide core and /or more specific funding to a charity
  • Ensure the charities you wish to support are well governed and managed
  • Find charities that share your ambition to make an impact
  • Discuss whether naming opportunities are appropriate / of interest and more.
  • Have a greater peace of mind.

The research can be completed in a number of ways.

  • Desk based review of annual report, published accounts and the website content
  • Desk based approach followed by presentation of a shortlist of options. After presenting the first stage report to client and then ‘go deeper’ by undertaking personal interviews of senior people in some of the preferred short-listed organisations. Report back to client and agree final decision.

A benefit of engaging Niall is that he can also organise for your next of kin to receive outcome / impact reports so that your family can fully understand and appreciate the impact your generosity makes.

Philanthropy advisers in many other countries work alongside a client’s notary, private banker or legal adviser to offer advice on the best way to make use of your assets for the public good. This means that you can really make a difference in an area that is close to your heart.

Undertaking this type of research for a will is more likely to be suitable in the second or third iteration of one’s will, later in life, and when a more definite amount can be allocated for charitable purposes.