Niall has particular experience of researching family businesses and transfer of wealth in Ireland. He has also studied the dynamics of family philanthropy in the context of wealth and wealth and succession planning. This and other experience can feed into an unique background and a context different from other professional coaches. An executive coach is a qualified professional who works with individuals – usually more senior executives, but also high potential employees – to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and to act as a sounding board.

The Philanthropy Adviser service has a particular focus on the following:

  • Business leaders planning to sell a business or those who have done so and would benefit from taking stock and exploring the bigger picture and next steps. Family businesses are a particular interest.
  • Senior fundraisers, management and CEOs in charities in Ireland.
  • Leaders and senior leaders in professionally run sporting bodies.

Feedback from clients thus far includes:

“Working with Niall provided an opportunity to reflect and provided a form of mindfulness. It’s not every day you get the undivided attention of another person where you have permission to talk about yourself and talk about things you rarely would”.

“This is a conversation I haven’t had with my manager but one that I wish I had had”.


Niall in 2020 became a Mentor on the ‘For Purpose’ graduate programme run by 2Into3. He is also part of a Mentor panel for South Dublin County Partnership’s Social Entrepeneurs programme.

Coaching and Philanthropy

It is the experience of many coaches that executive coaching often leads into life coaching and the bigger picture of values, impact, legacy and relationships. Philanthropy can be part of this discussion, but many people, including professional advisors and coaches are unsure whether to initiate such a discussion and if they do, what they can bring to the picture. For successful people with significant wealth, money issues can be a concern especially in relation to their children. “How much is enough?” “Are the kids values strong?” For unmarried people or those without children, there can be even greater financial capacity. The money eventually has to go somewhere – and philanthropy is a very real option. It is also great fun – if done right!

If you are an executive coach with clients who trust you – with financial capacity to consider giving back, please do contact me. Giving back could be in time, money, better giving, being more strategic… I would be happy to work with your client for a set number of sessions. With the advent of Zoom etc, we can now do these sessions remotely and anonymously, should your client prefer. Please contact me for a call or I can email you a short booklet on the topic. You could be adding value to the relationship you have with your client and supporting society in a way you never thought possible!

Niall’s Bona Fides in this Space

He has a business degree from Dublin City University (1990), a Post Grad diploma in Direct Marketing from DIT / Technological University Dublin (1999), took part in 2009 in a dedicated US State funded ‘Visions in Philanthropy’ programme in Boston and Chicago through Boston College. In 2019 he completed his Coaching Diploma in Executive and Leadership Coaching.

Additional associates can also be mobilised for larger coaching contracts and to bring additional coaching styles into the mix if required.